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Who is the Austrian Diabetes Association (ÖDG)?

The Austrian Diabetes Association (ÖDG) is the medical-scientific association of Austrian experts on diabetes. Its central aim is research and to support scientific exchange of all researchers and medical doctors active in the realm of diabetology.
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IDF Europe 2017 Summer Newsletter

Dear Friends,
IDF Europe 2017 Summer Newsletter is out! You can read about our members associations’ activities, the successful Youth Leadership Camp in Romania and the scheduled events for the World Diabetes Day in November!
Thanks and Kind regards,
IDF Europe Team
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Austrian Diabetes Report 2013

Short Version English: Definition – classification – diagnosis, Causes and risk factors, Frequency, Consequences, Treatment, Early detection and prevention, Gender aspects
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Austrian Diabetes Association
Währingerstrasse 76 / 13
A- 1090 Wien
Tel. + 43 (0) 650 / 770 33 78
Fax. + 43 (01) 264 52 29



Austrian Diabetes Charta Adopted

The Austrian Diabetes Association (Österreichische Diabetes Gesellschaft - “ÖDG”) recently adopted the Austrian Diabetes Charta as a groundbreaking document outlining strategies against the widespread disease diabetes (with an estimated number of 600,000 sufferers in Austria, tendency increasing). The Austrian Minister of health, Alois Stöger, and the provinces Salzburg and Styria have already expressed their support for the charta, other leading organisations like the social insurance carriers shall also be involved.
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ÖAG - Österreichische Adipositas Gesellschaft
Diabetes Initiative Österreich